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Custom Packaging and Promotional Products

Abbey Concepts serves the cosmetic/personal care, pharmaceutical and food service industries with products that provide distinctive solutions to unique packaging and promotional challenges.

With intricate printing, precise die cutting and the creative use of paper, foam and plastic materials Abbey Concepts has a distinguished history in the design and manufacture of functional products that meet both the aesthetic and practical needs of varied project criteria.

cosmetic acetate / plastic windows
Plastic Windows
Cosmetic Case Inserts
Cosmetic Case Inserts
cosmetic jar cap inserts
Jar Inserts
Celpads and plastic inserts for cosmetic cases
Celpads & Plastic Inserts
lobster bibs
Lobster Bibs
display pad box inserts
Display Pads
product wraps
Product Wraps
protective foam glass wrap
Product Wraps
When your specific packaging or promotional challenge requires a practical solution, aesthetic impact or a unique combination of both, Abbey Concepts can help you meet your goals through the following features of our unique products:

    Practical Features
  • Varied Materials
  • Sourcing
  • Product Separation
  • Product Protection
  • Abrasion Reduction
  • Absorption Qualities
  • Anti-Static Qualities
  • Intricate Die Cutting
    Aesthetic Features
  • Branding
  • Image Enhancement
  • Embossing
  • De-bossing
  • Printing
  • Custom Cutting and Shapes
  • Color Options
  • Presentation Quality Materials

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Abbey Group Companies Mission Statement

To Impact Lives and Create Wealth

To create a business environment that generates wealth by allowing for the personal and professional growth of our team members, makes significant contributions to the success of our customers and vendors and honors God in all we do.

Core Values
We value our People.
We value Integrity.
We value Truth.
We value Honesty.
We value our Witness.

We are a culture that values listening, that empowers team members to do their best at all times, that illustrates attitude is the key to improving your life and that leadership is required at all levels of the organization for us to be successful.

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